At Climbzone our standard activity deals are either 1 or 1 ½ hours in length.

The 1 hour two activity session is £14 (internet price) allowing you to experience either the Skypark, the Drop or the Climbing wall accompanied by our staff.

The 1 ½ hour session is £20.50 (internet price) allowing you to enjoy all three of our exciting activities.

The Skypark

The aerial assault course 15 metres over the heads of spectators.

The Drop

Take a deep breath and jump’ and gravity will take care of the rest accelerating your freefalling body towards the ground 15 metres below. Then just before you reach the ground you are slowed to a gentle stop.

The Climbing Wall

Scale our climbing walls under supervision of our trained staff, there are varying difficulties of climb from very easy to fiendishly tricky. You decide.

We are also open to climbers. If you are over 16 years and can demonstrate the required skills you are welcome to use our climbing wall. Standard price £6 including all hire equipment and Schmoolz.