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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone supervising the session?

Yes, one of our instructors will be with the group the entire time. One instructor will supervise a group of up to 8 people.

How old do you have to be?

We take anyone from the age of 7 years old. There are no height restrictions.

What should I wear?

Something practical and comfortable – including socks. Skirts are not advised.  We will supply all technical equipment including shoes if you need them.

How early should I arrive for my booking?

You should arrive about 10 minutes before your session starts so you can get signed in and ready to start on time (on peak days you may want to plan to arrive earlier). Come to reception, tell us your booking name and we will sign you in.

How long will I get on the activities?

Your session time includes kitting up and de-kitting. This is roughly 10-15 minutes kitting up and 5 minutes de-kitting. We aim to maximise the time spent on activity, however the kitting up and safety briefing is an integral part of the session. We guarantee you will get at least one go on each activity booked. If you visit us in our quieter periods, you’ll be more likely to get more shots.

Do I need to book in advance?

To avoid disappointment, we do advise you to book in advance – especially for weekends or during holiday periods. However, there are often spaces available on the day – but these may be limited.

Where have all the helmets gone?

After much debate and research it has been decided that Climbzone will be going helmet free (apart from Schmoolz users) as of 16/06/2011.
The risk of injury through the use of helmets out weighs the protection afforded by a correctly fitted helmet. To lessen even further the risk of head injury to participants a number of changes have taken place. These include altering the Skypark and adding extra padding to the Drop pounds and platforms.

We are not the only climbing wall / ropes course to stop using helmets and the default position of always wearing one indoors is increasingly being questioned. This was not a decision made lightly; a full risk assessment has been carried out as well as seeking advice from other providers and technical experts.

Disadvantages of helmets at Climbzone:

  • Risk of entrapment
  • Risk of strangulation
  • Impaired peripheral vision
  • Discomfort causing distraction
  • ‘One size fits all’ helmets may result in poor fitting offering poor protection
  • Helmet being dropped on spectators.
  • Hygiene issues
  • Creating an unfounded sense of invulnerability

The advantages of helmets at Climbzone

  • Protection to the head when striking a hard surface
  • Protection to the head when struck by a falling object.
  • These ‘advantages’ are mitigated by design of Climbzones facilities and our method of operation.